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The Largest Home in Canada is Up for Sale

22 April, 2010 / by Bryan Jaskolka

Canada’s Biggest Fixer-Upper For Sale

If you’re into fixer-uppers, then I have just the house for you. It’s 65,000 square feet and is going for a modest $25-million. It’s believed to be the largest home in Canada – on par with Bill Gates’ property near Seattle. It’s bigger than the White House (55,000 square feet) and 24 Sussex Drive (11,000 square feet) put together.

So where is this mega house? Surprise, it’s not in Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary.

Ever been to Haileybury, Ontario? That’s right, it’s in Haileybury, which is about 140 kilometres north of North Bay.

Aside from the rural location, there’s another catch: it’s not finished – no flooring or finished bathrooms. But it does have an exercise gym and plumbing for a small golf course. One must have priorities after all.

So, start saving your twoonies and this beautiful “fixer-upper” can be yours for mere millions.