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Gender Equality Means Joint Responsibility in Financial Planning

27 October, 2010 / by marketing

For many years now, the roles of men and women have become more and more equal. It used to be that the man of the household was in charge of: earning money to support the family, anything to do with tools, and dealt with all the finances. However, times have changed and these roles along with others are also completed by women.

One of the most important aspects of a family household is finances. I recently had a conversation with my grandparents about finances and growing up. My grandfather tells me how he always dealt with the finances in the family and ensured he made enough money to put food on the table. Meanwhile, my grandmother was in charge of up keeping the house, but she had no idea about finances or financial planning.

“[T]he recent 2010 TD Waterhouse Female Investor Poll, which found that three-quarters of Canadian women aged 45 to 64 feel they are savvier investors than their mothers were at the same age.” This quote taken from an article in the Financial Post is not at all surprising. Women in today’s society do take more of an active role in financial planning. Comparing my mother to my grandmother I see this for sure. Whenever the financial planner or mortgage broker comes for a meeting, it is both my mother and father who engage in the conversation.

This goes to show that we in fact do exercise equality in gender in today’s society. It is not solely than man or the woman’s responsibility up keep the family. It is in fact a joint responsibility.