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Stevie Baggs: From Rags to Riches

2 November, 2010 / by marketing

Stevie Baggs has a background story that really shows how most people go from rags to riches. This is a guy who certainly hit rock bottom. Baggs was always a great football player in high school and college, but when it came to the road after his education, there were no phone calls or offers for him to play.

Time and time again Baggs set records for the number of sacks that he achieved during his football seasons. His jersey was even retired from his high school in his honour.

” ‘You believe in yourself, but when you’ve been cut six or seven times, and when you know you have what it takes to be successful at any level of ball and you’re not deemed an opportunity to show that, sometimes that can discourage you,’ [Biggs] said.”

Like many people, after college Baggs was in a great deal of debt and no immediate job. As a result, he had to take jobs as both a personal trainer and a truck driver just to pay his mortgage and get by. This scenario is all too familiar for many people. You need a place to live, so most people end up settling in a small home or apartment with a mortgage they can’t afford at the time. However, if planned correctly with a mortgage broker, a deal can be made so that payments are achievable.

Eventually, Baggs was able to sign a deal with the Canadian Football League and played for Saskatchewan. From there, his football career took off. He ended up playing in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals, and the Hamilton Ticats in the CFL. Baggs was able to get his life straightened up paying off his debts, holding his head high, and enjoying the ride.

Baggs is now a motivational speaker and still plays football for the Hamilton Ticats. This is a story that is quite inspirational. It goes to show that you truly can go from barely being able to pay off your mortgage, to having a normal lifestyle going out with friends and family.