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Super Bowl XLVI: Breaking down the Numbers

5 February, 2012 / by marketing

Yep, we talk numbers an awful lot on this blog. Whether it’s the interest rate, home equity calculations, or helping you figure out what you’ll pay for your second mortgage, when you talk mortgages you talk numbers, and we do it a lot. But today is a special day, it’s the Super Bowl! And while we’re all talking about two specific numbers – No. 12 being Tom Brady, and No. 10 being Eli Manning – we’re also going to take a look at the other numbers behind the Biggest Game of the Year. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting numbers during the Super Bowl:

  • New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen are ranked #1 on the list of “richest celebrities.”
  • Second only to Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday ranks #2 as the day for the most food consumption (in the States but we think it’s probably pretty comparable in Canada too.)
  • Every year there is an average of a 9% increase in pizza-delivery related traffic accidents.
  • There are a whopping 15% of people who would miss the birth of their own child in order to attend the Super Bowl.
  • During the Super Bowl weekend, there is usually about a 20% jump in sales for antacids (must be all that pizza!)
  • This is an interesting one, apparently Patriots are more excitable than the rest of us – 37% of them describe themselves as a “die-hard.” Only 23% of fans from other teams make the same proclamation.
  • 40% of people who aren’t even football fans will watch the entire game on television today. Just goes to show you the power of the Super Bowl!
  • And if you’re wondering who’s going to win the battle of the quarterbacks – it’s Eli Manning! At least when it comes to the hearts of the ladies; 54% said they prefer Manning to Brady.
  • 55 is the over/under bet.
  • Having people over today to watch the game? Did you spend about $118? That’s the average amount people spend on their at-home Super Bowl bashes.
  • If you did spend that much on your own party, take heart knowing that you’re still saving a ton of money! The price of a ticket to actually get into the Super Bowl is $3,982. And that doesn’t include popcorn!
  • That number leaves many of us asking – how much was the most expensive Super Bowl ticket ever sold? Get ready for it – $16,480.
  • The Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium usually holds a capacity of 63,000 people. But just to make an extra few bucks and give more fans a chance to enjoy, additions have been put on that will allow the stadium to “grow” to hold the 68,000 people expected to attend.
  • Don’t party too hard today, unless you want to be part of the 1.4 million people who consider calling in sick the Monday after the big game.
  • It’s true, the Super Bowl commercials might not be as iconic here in Canada as they are in the States, but we don’t pay as much for them either. While we often have the same commercials we see all year, the dollar amount it costs to air one 30-second Super Bowl commercial in the States is $3.5 million.
  • We do still drink our beer though, especially today. And a few of us will be contributing to the 50 million cases of beer that will be drunk today.
  • We’ve already established that bowl football fans and non-fans will be watching. But how many people in total will be tuned into the game? 171 million – no wonder companies will pay so much for an ad!
  • Those commercials are definitely worth it, at least for the network! They bring in $250 to $300 million in revenue to NBC.
  • And the Grand Poobah of all Super Bowl numbers? That number is $11 billion. And that’s how much money will be spent by fans during the day on the Super Bowl.