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10 Worst Cities to Live in Canada:Part 1

27 December, 2012 / by marketing

We’ve already brought you the 10 most affordable cities in Canada, an indicator that these are also the best cities to live. But where are the worst? Of course, things like home prices and number of home sales come into play, but when looking at the worst cities to live you need to take into consideration much more than that, as well. This is because where you live is the biggest influencing factor on your lifestyle, and what your day-to-day living will be like. So in order to determine the worst places to live, you need to not only take into consideration the real estate market, but also other elements such as the amount of crime, the amount of health care available, and what incomes are like in any particular area. This is the only way to get a full picture of the worst places to live. Without wanting to step on anyone’s feelings, here are the 10 worst places to live in Canada:

10.) Vancouver, B.C.
Reason: Least affordable real estate

9.) Hawkesbury, Ontario
Reason: Lowest household income

8.) Vaughan, Ontario
Reason: Least amount of residents walking or biking to work

7.) North Battleford, Saskatoon
Reason: Highest crime

6.) Brooks, Alberta
Reason: Fewer than 1 doctor for every 1,000 residents

5.) Bay Roberts, Newfoundland
Reason: Highest unemployment rate

4.) St. John’s, Newfoundland
Reason: Worst weather

3.) Kenora, Ontario
Reason: Most lacking in the arts

2.) Leamington, Ontario
Reason: Fewer people taking transit

1.) Thetford Mines, Quebec
Reason: worst pollution

To give you a better picture of what it’s like to live in each of these cities, we’ve examined each of them carefully, to get a sense of what life is like – and just how bad (if really at all,) it is to live in any of them.

We’ll be delving into one of these cities every day to examine what rents are, what vacancies are like, and to see just what factors are at play in each one of these great Canadian cities that makes them such bad places to live. Come back tomorrow, when we begin with Vancouver!