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Using the Internet to Save Your Money

21 February, 2013 / by marketing

There are lots of ways to use the Internet to save your money. You can come right here to find out more about mortgages and debt consolidation loans; or you can use auction sites like eBay to find the best deals on that one hard to find item. There are some sites though that are dedicated to helping you save your money, either by giving financial advice or by providing coupons, samples and freebies that make life a little easier. Here’s a list of our favourite sites that will help you save, so you can achieve your financial goals even faster! – This site has tons of freebies, coupons, and online deals for things you need every day such as clothes and DVDs, to those luxury expenses such as electronics. Plus, you can also search through flyers for different stores across the country to find out what they’re offering both online, and in-store! – If we hadn’t given you the address, you’d have to do a bit of searching for this one, but it’s well worth it. If you’re the techie type this site doesn’t just tell you about where the best deals are, it also provides sound advice on what items you really must have, and which aren’t worth the hype. – Good for anyone, but especially new and expecting parents! Go to Baby Bargainista (a separate area but still right within the site) to find deals on baby clothes and items. Here you’ll also find tips on budgeting, traveling, and even how to throw a very profitable garage sale! – Want to eliminate your debt? Then this is one site you should be following. This self-proclaimed shopaholic got rid of $6,000 worth of debt in just 18 months. Good practical advice on banking fees, expenditures, personal debt and more can be found here! – Well the name of this site says it all, doesn’t it? When all you want is some free stuff, come here. You’ll be able to find links and coupons to freebies ranging the gamut from tea to electronics to books. And it’s all free! You’ll have to spend some time filling out forms, but none of your money!