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Financing Building a New Home

The decision to have a custom home built for you, or to build one yourself, is just the first step in a complex development and construction process. CMI’s accredited mortgage professionals are experts in construction and development projects.

We become your partner in the whole process. From land acquisition to financing building a new home, CMI and its network of partners are with you the whole way.

CMI Is With You From Planning to Completion

We know that financing building a new home requires advice and guidance from a range of professionals. Talk to us today about our new home construction services:

  • Land financing options
  • Draw-based financing from foundation to completion (multiple draws, bridge financing, & interest only payments available)
  • Standalone, turnkey, and non-traditional loan programs
  • Insurance, lawyers, appraisers and inspectors arranged (if required)

CMI’s Expertise in Financing Building a New Home

CMI’s accredited mortgage professionals have extensive expertise in financing construction projects of all shapes and sizes, with a special department dedicated exclusively to this type of mortgage. We offer many programs, including:

  • Building Lots – CMI has multiple programs specifically designed for raw land and building lots. Our programs can be arranged in conjunction with construction financing, or separately as land-only financing. CMI will finance the undeveloped plot of land and prepare the raw land for development and construction.
  • Turnkey construction – Turnkey construction mortgages are best thought of as “all-in-one” construction loans. We are able to help those seeking to build their own custom dream home or vacation property, right from the land acquisition stage all the way through construction, and ultimately converting the amount borrowed into a variety of term mortgages.
  • Rebuilding – Let us help with financing for the handyman special you want to transform or the expansion of your existing home.

Talk to CMI About a New Home Loan

Whatever your situation may be, a construction mortgage requires a higher level of service and experience than a traditional mortgage. CMI provides the exceptional, expert service you need for financing your home building project. Contact us today for a free consultation.