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Equity Loans Canada

If you are looking to tap into your home equity via a new first mortgage, CMI has the ability to create a customized solution to fit your circumstances. Whether it is a consolidation of your outstanding unsecured debts, completion of a badly needed credit repair, or a critical need to tap into your home equity for any reason, CMI can provide you with the funding you are seeking through a home equity based first mortgage.

Trust our experts to fund your mortgage at better than bank rates

All of our mortgages are originated by licensed as well as fully insured consultants. Our firm as well as primary staff are all registered with CAAMP(formerly CIMBL), and are specially trained to serve your first mortgage home equity requirements.

Troubled Credit?

Regardless of your credit history, mortgage arrears status, or your ability to prove any income, CMI has years of experience helping individuals who are ineligible for home loans from banks or other more conventional subprime mortgage lenders.

CMI has a broad network of professional private lenders who are competing for your business

Our accredited mortgage professionals will be able to arrange for a new home equity first mortgage with exceptional rates, and flexible terms. We are able to establish open term, short term, long term, and interest only mortgages upon request.

There are no income or credit qualifications for private mortgages and CMI offers all its private mortgage clients advice on how to rebuild your credit

Programs Offered

  • Equity based first mortgages available up to 80%
  • Short term, long term, open, and interest-only mortgages (fixed or variable)
  • Mortgages available for construction and renovation projects of any sort
  • Mortgage financing for power of sale available up to 85%!
  • Home equity mortgages

Due to an unlimited source of pooled funds, we are able to obtain financing for any type of client, so long as the equity exists in the property. CMI can provide you with the financing you require in as little as 24 hours, right from the comfort of your own home.

Contact us today and ask one of our representatives about the equity loans in Canada we offer.