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CMI: the hard money mortgage specialists

Our brokers specialize in difficult and unusual loan requests, including

  • Second mortgages
  • Private mortgages for arrears
  • Collections and judgments
  • High mortgage ratios
  • Power of sale
  • Tax arrears
  • Mortgages in urban centers
  • Bridge loans
  • Many more special circumstances

What is a
hard money mortgage?

If your credit is less than perfect, or your income is below average, you may have difficulty getting a bank’s approval for a traditional mortgage — even if you’ve built up equity in your home. That’s why CMI specializes in working with mortgage lenders who help high-risk borrowers. These private mortgage companies will put in the extra work to provide you with a hard money mortgage, so you can

  • Buy a new home
  • Start a construction project
  • Renovate your property
  • Send the kids off to college
  • Invest in a business
  • Handle a financial emergency

CMI isn’t a bank — and we don’t work for a bank, either. That means we’ll always be on your side, as we work with our nationwide network of hard money lenders, and make sure you get the fair mortgage terms you deserve.


A nationwide network of hard money lenders, at CMI

Even if you’ve been turned down for traditional bank loans, CMI still offers a variety of options for homeowners with equity in their property. If you have a less-than-perfect credit score or a low income, CMI is here to make sure you get the loan you need, on terms that fit your needs and financial situation.

At CMI, our expert brokers specialize in working with subprime mortgages or “hard money” lending. Canada is filled with dozens of private lenders who want to supply you with a hard money loan — and we know exactly who they are and how to work with them.

We hold our hard money lenders to a high standard of excellence. We’ve spent years building relationships with these people and companies, and we know firsthand that they’re the most trustworthy and professional in the marketplace. Plus, we’ll be on your side of the negotiating table from day one, making sure each lender offers you the most favourable terms available on the market today.

Once we’ve found a selection of mortgage offers that fit your needs, we’ll sift through the fine print and bring you only the bottom line of each offer. We’ll answer any questions you have, walk through your concerns, and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign.

Get in touch today, by calling us or by filling out the secure web form right here on this page. We’ll respond within 24 hours to address your specific situation, and talk with you about your options.

If you’re looking for hard money, CMI will help you find it, and negotiate the best terms for you.

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