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Self Employed Mortgage Financing

There are many different varieties of self employed home loans, and at CMI our team and agents are experts in putting together these mortgages. Whether your income is verifiable or not can have a major impact on your ability to qualify for a loan at the bank, but not when it comes to using a qualified mortgage broker.

We can put together a mortgage for the self employed in a number of different ways, using wholesale channels with the main banks or other more flexible mortgage lenders. In total, we have dozens of lenders who specialize in providing self employed home loans.

Self Employed Mortgage
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Just a Few Types of Our Self Employed Mortgages:

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Home Refinancing
  • Second Mortgages
  • Private Mortgages

When considering a self employed mortgage, our mortgage brokers can consider working on a “qualified income” or “stated income” basis. Some clients may operate on a cash basis, others via a corporation, or maybe even a sole proprietorship.

We can look at add-backs, corporate revenue, personal bank statements, and even “no documentation” and “limited documentation” self employed home loans to help maximize your chance of qualifying.

More than any other type of financing, a self employed mortgage is one where you want to be sure you are working with an experienced mortgage company who has been involved in the industry for a period of at least five years.