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Rates are at record lows. Now’s the time to act

Interest rates are hitting some of the lowest lows we’ve ever seen. Our team of mortgage experts are here to help you plan your
refinancing strategy, so you can lower your monthly payments, pay off your debt, and/or move forward on those big projects you’ve been planning around the house. We’ll design a plan around your exact situation, and walk you through the details. Then we’ll go to work to quickly finalize the mortgage that best fits your needs.

CMI offers strategies for every situation

Our network of more than 250 top Canadian lenders enables us to offer a wide portfolio of home equity loan strategies. Whether you’re considering a second mortgage, a home equityline of credit (HELOC), or just a refinance of your existing mortgage, our expert
consultants will make sure that we get the job done.

CMI's mortgage experts make refinancing easy

Planning a remortgage strategy can be a stressful process, which is why our mortgage experts are dedicated to keeping it simple. We’ll show you how to take advantage of the market's historically low interest rates, so you can pay off your existing mortgage loan with a more
affordable one. Here are just some of ways we make the process easier for you:

  • Forget about hidden fees, surprise expenses and exorbitant, undisclosed pre-payment penalties. We’ll handle the loan negotiation, so you’re guaranteed the best possible mortgage, and we won’t fool you with low sticker prices and hidden fees later on like many other “no frills” lenders.
  • Considering a home improvement loan? We’ll explain the positives and negatives of refinancing versus taking out a second mortgage or home equity loan/line of credit.
  • Not sure how long to re-amortize? We’ll help you extend the term to get lower monthly payments, or shorten it to reduce interest expenses and pay the mortgage off sooner — whichever works better for you.
  • Not everyone has perfect credit, and we believe that shouldn’t matter when it comes to refinancing. We’ll help you get funds at competitive interest rates, regardless of your credit situation, provided that you have built up equity in your home.

Regardless of product, our accredited mortgage experts will explain every step of the process, and work on your behalf every step of the way.

Talk with CMI about your home refinance

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for funding or a hard-working homeowner trying to lower your monthly bills, a home mortgage refinance is a great way to raise the capital you need, without the high interest rates of personal loans and credit cards. It’s a way to turn assets you already own into capital you can use now. Talk to a CMI broker today to find out how a refinance can simplify your finances.