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Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage Renewal Time may offer a chance to save money!

When its time to renew your mortgage, don’t just automatically take what the bank offers. The mortgage renewal process offers opportunities for Canadian homeowners and we can help.

CMI Brokers give free mortgage renewal tips!

When it comes time for Mortgage renewal, Canada is filled with lenders who want to compete for your business. CMI brokers will help you sort through your options. The best mortgage renewal advice is to first determine your goals:

  • Do you want a lower monthly payment?
  • Do your want to repay the principal on your home loan faster?

You can shorten your amortization schedule to repay your mortgage faster or extend it to lower your monthly payment. When it comes time to renew, mortgage lenders rarely review all your choices with you. That is why you should talk with a CMI broker to learn your range of options.

Consider home refinancing at mortgage renewal time

Canadian Mortgage brokers see mortgage renewal time as a chance to review Canadian mortgage rates to determine if you could do better. One of CMI’s most important mortgage renewal tips? Don’t just automatically renew. Mortgage products and rates are in a constant state of flux while lenders are always competing for your business. When it comes to mortgage renewal, Canada is filled with choices. We’ll show you what they are.

Contact CMI Mortgage Brokers for mortgage renewal advice:

A mortgage broker links you to a large and diverse range of lenders. We have partnerships across the country with all kinds of mortgage lenders. From traditional lenders to chartered banks and private lenders, CMI help you access billions of lending capital.

When its time for your mortgage renewal process, we do the research to find affordable financing options for you. Contact a CMI broker for a complimentary consultation today.