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Get expert mortgage renewal advice from CMI

Many homeowners think that making diligent payments should entitle them to a better mortgage deal, but all too often the opposite occurs. Frequently, your bank or existing mortgage lender will take advantage of your comfortable relationship, and hope that you are too lazy to bother looking around for a new mortgage.

A mortgage renewal provides an opportunity to

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Shorten your amortization schedule
  • Repay the principal on your home loan more quickly
  • Make sure you are taking advantage of the best rates available on the market

Our renewal and transfer mortgages can enable you to obtain a new mortgage, without paying any closing costs at all! That’s right: FREE legals, FREE appraisal, no lender fees, and no brokerage fees (O.A.C.).

For those who are paying higher rates with a trust company or private lender, now is a great time to re-evaluate your options and try to get into a cheaper lender. For those who may be struggling with unsecured debts, this can be a great time to incorporate those debts into your mortgage to reduce your monthly payments.

Talk to a CMI mortgage renewal expert today, and find out how you can make sure that you aren’t being taken advantage of.

CMI offers the best mortgage rates in the nation

If you’re considering a mortgage renewal, now may be the right time to review Canadian mortgage rates and find out if you can lower yours. Automatically renewing your mortgage is often a bad idea, because interest rates are in a constant state of flux, and today’s rates are hitting historic lows.

At CMI, we believe in choices. That’s why we’ll connect you with lenders who’ll compete to offer you lower rates than you’re paying now. From traditional lenders to chartered banks and private lenders, CMI helps you access billions in lending capital. We’ve worked with these lenders for years; but we don’t work for any of them. We’ll be on your side from the first negotiation to the last signature, making sure you get the fairest mortgage renewal terms on the market.

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