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Mortgage Refinance

If you are dissatisfied with your current mortgage lender and are looking for a new home loan, over 95% of the time you will be eligible to breaking the current mortgage and roll any expenses into the new home mortgage. Often, the expense of refinancing can be compensated for by the interest and cash-flow savings within just a few months of a new multi-year term!

Trust our fully insured, accredited mortgage professionals with your home loan.

You will enjoy the benefits of lower interest rates and maximum flexibility!

Work with a qualified mortgage broker to restructure your expensive credit cards and unsecured loans and lines of credit. CMI will help you to consolidate all your debt through a free mortgage refinancing into one very competitively priced debt package.

Benefits of refinancing:

  • Improve your credit rating by qualifying for a lower interest rate
  • Extract your home equity for a business investment or a secured debt consolidation
  • Re-amortize your debts to reduce monthly payments, and focus on principle repayments instead of making ends meet!

Programs Offered:

  • Home refinancing can be done up to 80% at top rates based on the most recent regulations (2011)
  • With self insured lenders, we can refinance owner occupied properties up to 80% at competitive interest rates
  • For rental or vacation properties, we can refinance up to 80% at top interest rates
  • Combo mortgages are offered (i.e: 1st mortgage + Line Of Credit in 2nd position at prime) for those with strong credit, allowing you to tap into your home equity!
  • Sub-prime mortgage refinances available up to 80%
  • Private mortgage loans are available up to as much as 80%
  • Self employed refinances available at top rates, even for those with limited documentation
  • Flexible amortization and prepayment options help you take control!
  • Home mortgage refinancing

CMI has established long standing relationship with Canada’s premier lenders. We have access to a network of lenders who are ready and willing to meet your needs and expectations. While you go about your daily activities, CMI can secure you top rates for your refinance. Contact CMI today for your free consultation and within 24 hours you can begin to maximize your cash flow savings!

Our team of licensed mortgage agents will be able to provide you with expert advice, coupled with our complete liability insurance policy as well as our 30 years of industry expertise.

Refinance At Renewal Time With No Penalty!

If your current mortgage is about to expire and you are looking for additional money on top of your mortgage, CMI has a network of lenders who are looking to accommodate your needs! When dealing with high loan to value refinances, the selection process can be more intimidating. Let CMI help navigate the complex industry of mortgage default insurance, provided by companies such as AIG, Genworth and CMHC.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on a variety of mortgage refinancing in Canada.