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Cmi Bridge Financing Specialists

Are you searching for a bridge mortgage to complete your mortgage financing strategy? At CMI, we specialize in helping borrowers like you find a bridge loan.

  • From $15,000 up to $5 million
  • Structured in 1st & 2nd positions
  • Secured by residential or commercial real estate
  • We even use bridge mortgages to finance the completion of construction projects.

Of the lenders who do offer bridge financing, not all will put you first. At CMI, we’re not a bank, and we don’t work for a bank, so our only goal is to help you find the bridge financing options that fit your needs and circumstances.

We work with more than 250 top lenders across Canada, and we’ve spent years building up relationships with them. That means when we come to the negotiating table on your behalf, we’ll know whether you’re getting the best bridge mortgage terms a lender has to offer. And if they don’t offer you the best deal they can, we’ll move on to the next lender until we’ve found a fair offer.

What is bridge financing?

A bridge mortgage takes its name from the fact that it “bridges gaps” between financial transactions. For example,  bridge financing can provide short-term funds

  • Between the purchase of one property and the sale of another
  • Between the completion of improvements and the sale of the property
  • Between a short-term loan and a long-term loan
  • Between an immediate need and a pending capital payout (insurance settlement, etc.)

Bridge financing is typically paid back once you’ve sold the asset or your pending payout arrives. That makes bridge mortgages ideal for completing a variety of financing strategies. But it’s not always easy to find and negotiate this complex home bridge financing product, and many lenders do not offer bridge mortgages because they don’t make much interest due to the short-term nature of the loan. That’s why CMI’s mortgage brokers are here to help.

Simplify your bridge financing with CMI.

From the first FREE consultation, your CMI brokerage team will work to determine what kind of bridge mortgage fits your finances and goals.

CMI’s bridge financing experts bring together more than 100 combined years of experience in Canada’s real estate and mortgage markets. Throughout that time, we’ve built up a network of lenders, agents, appraisal experts and lawyers, all of whom can provide the expertise you need to structure a manageable and affordable bridge mortgage.

We are here to help hold your hand, from the first negotiation to the last signature. Give us a call today, and we’re confident you’ll see the CMI difference.