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Quick approval. Quick cash.

With a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), you will gain access to funds as soon as your loan is registered, enabling you to put them to use right away. A HELOC has a unique advantage in that it can be used, repaid, and used again, while only paying interest on the portion of the funds that have been utilized. That means a HELOC is a perfect solution for many funding needs, such as:

  • Launching or supporting your small business
  • Funds for investing for a rainy day
  • Medical and health care expenses
  • Access funds for acquiring another property

A HELOC is also a great way to finance home renovations, repairs, construction, and all kinds of other household projects.

What’s more, you can use the funds from your HELOC to set yourself free from stressful high-interest debts, and consolidate all your debt into one easy-to-pay monthly bill. In fact, that’s our specialty here at CMI. Our team of experts will sit down with you, talk through your debt situation, and lay out a course of action that’ll get you debt-free as soon as possible.

Get credit for owning a home.

Get fast cash out of the home you already own, with a home equity line of credit from CMI. We’ll get you your money at lower interest than you’ll pay on a personal loan or a credit card, and we’ll get you a decision quickly. Our lending experts will handle the details, leaving you free to make the real plans.

Here’s how it works.

Got some equity built up in your home? A HELOC gives you access to that money. You decide how much you want to borrow, and you pay it back when you can.

Ordinary lenders make you reapply every time you need more funds, then crush you with high interest rates and unreasonable repayment schedules, or bundles of documentation. With a HELOC, on the other hand, you choose the amount you borrow — and you can take out more, up to your limit, any time you want.

Plus, our lending experts will make sure you pay much less interest than you would on a personal loan or a credit card.

Best rates in the business

Our experts at CMI work with more than 200 top lenders across Canada, which means we’ve got a solution to you, no matter what situation you’re facing. Here are just a few examples of HELOCs we’ve been able to offer our clients:

  • First position HELOC up to 65%
  • Second position equity line of credit up to 80%
  • Self-employed LOC up to 75%
  • Combined first and second mortgages up to 80%
  • LOC for borrowers with past credit problems up to 65%

Lines of credit designed around you

Borrowing money can be a stressful process, which is why we at CMI are dedicated to taking the pain out of the paperwork. Our priority is to make everything as simple as possible for you, so all you’ve got to do is review the terms and make the decision. We pride ourselves on fast, courteous service that always comes with a smile.