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Secured Credit Canada

Home equity lines of credit are a great solution to home owners who are looking for flexible borrowing solutions but are reluctant to pay the higher interest rates that unsecured debt products offer.

Situations arise where a large sum of money may be needed in a moments notice. Maybe your income stream varies from month to month, or you’re looking to borrow some money and repay it in a short while. An equity line of credit may be for you!

If you need extra funds and would like the flexibility to borrow and repay as frequently as need be, a home equity loan line of credit may be for you

Home equity lines of credit offer lower interest rates than credit cards. Home owners can consolidate outstanding debts that are accruing interest at a higher rate, which reduces their overall cost of borrowing. What could be better? You are only charged interest payments on what you have borrowed.

If you do not have the cash you need in your savings, most individuals rely on credit cards to provide them with the short term solution to their financing needs. If you are using credit cards or an unsecured line of credit to bridge your financial gaps, you are wasting your money!

Home equity lines of credit are fully open and re-advanceable.

Most come with low-rate VISA cards attached.

Programs Available:

  • 1st position equity line of credit up to 75%
  • 2nd position equity line of credit up to 90%
  • Combo 1st/2nd mortgage products up to 90%
  • Fully open 1st mortgages with secured lines to 90%
  • Self-Employed and poor credit equity lines to 85%
  • Hard money lending

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