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Canadian Mortgage Rates

In Canada, mortgage rates are constantly fluctuating. While mortgage rates tend to be the first thing borrowers look at, there are other important factors to consider when seeking a home equity loan. The length of your term and whether your loan is based on a fixed or variable rate are two such considerations. A mortgage broker will be able to advise you on all the factors that go into your borrowing decision.

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1 Year3.29% Fixed Closed 3.29% Get this rate
2 Year3.14% Fixed Closed 3.14% Get this rate
3 Year2.96% Fixed Closed 2.96% Get this rate
4 Year4.59% Fixed Closed 4.59% Get this rate
5 Year2.90% Fixed Closed 2.90% Get this rate
7 Year3.49% Fixed Closed 3.49% Get this rate
10 Year4.09% Fixed Closed 4.09% Get this rate
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*OAC—On Approved Credit and Subject to Lender Approval. Rates offered are for high ratio mortgages.

CMI brings you the best Canadian mortgage rates.

At CMI, we work with a nationwide network of more than 250 lenders. We’ve spent decades building relationships with these lenders, but we don’t work on behalf of any of them — we work on behalf of you. That means we’ll make lenders compete to bring you the best mortgage rates available.

While a low interest rate is important, it’s not the only factor in a mortgage offer. Our team of CMI mortgage experts will help you understand other considerations, too; including the type of mortgage you’re being offered, and what its terms are. We’ll even keep you up to date with the latest mortgage news, so you’ll know when it’s the right time to act.

Whether you’re shopping for a mortgage, looking for news about mortgage rates, or wondering what tomorrow’s rates will look like, CMI is here to help. We’ll provide the info you need, and also connect you with special deals on specialty products like variable rate mortgages and second mortgages.

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