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Questions Answers

What is involved in working with a mortgage broker?

Typical mortgage services through CMI are free of charge to you!

Our qualified staff will assess your application, and provide a consultation review within 24 hours, including available mortgage options. Let us staff help make your life easier, and take care of all the co-ordinating and negotiating involved with obtaining a new mortgage.

Why should I choose a financial service like CMI, instead of my bank?

Most banks focus on such a wide variety of projects and cross-selling opportunities that their staff training is diluted, and non-focused.

At CMI, all our staff knows is how to provide excellent mortgage services for purchase, refinance, renewals, secured credit lines, second mortgages, and construction projects.

Our staff knows mortgages inside and out, and best of all, we do all the legwork!

How do I qualify for a mortgage through CMI?

Luckily, CMI cuts through all the red tap usually involved in mortgage loans.

The first step is to complete our easy, 5 minute online mortgage loan application.

Next, our highly trained staff will assess your file and call you back within 24
hours, providing you with multiple mortgage offers and expert advice.

Finally, after deciding which offer is right for you, you’ll receive a package with the loan of your choice for review and signing. We’ll take care of the rest!

Why do you need to pull my credit?

No matter what bank or institution you approach to apply for a loan, a credit check will always be required in order to determine what offers are available.

In order to protect your credit from damage, CMI works together with Equifax and Canada’s top lenders to provide you with expert mortgage advice, and the ability to shop your loan around, all with only a single credit check!

Who are your lenders and are the credible?

We carefully select our lending partners to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

CMI is a nationally focused mortgage brokerage. We work with banks, trust funds, credit unions, life insurance companies, pension funds, and private mortgage lenders to fund just about any type of loan against real estate in Canada.

You can sleep easy at night knowing that all of our lenders are fully licensed by their respective provincial and/or Federal governing bodies to conduct business in Canada.

In fact, many of our lending partners are names that you already know, working together with CMI on a wholesale basis to provide a mortgage-focused sales channel to expand their reach.

Can I qualify if I am self-employed or don’t declare any income?

Absolutely! Again, our focus is on helping Canadians borrow money at affordable rates, to maximize their enjoyment of life.

We can help you qualify for a mortgage loan, at the same rates as your salaried cousins, for purchasing, refinance, second mortgages, lines of credit, and construction!

That’s right, CMI offers all of our services to self-employed borrowers. No longer do you need to feel like a second class citizen. Rejoice!

I have applied at my bank, but have been recently rejected. I know I have bad credit, does that mean that I shouldn’t apply?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! While CMI does offer better rates than the bank, that doesn’t mean that we are a service available only to the privileged few.

CMI works with hard working families all across Canada to enter into the housing market, or consolidate their debts to brighten their day and enjoy a healthy financial future.

Many of our programs offer the same rates, or better, than our bank cousins but require lower credit scores or qualifications. While most banks require exceptional credit in order to qualify for a top rate, we can help average Canadians enjoy the same privileges when buying a new home.

Our credit repair experts can help you repair your credit, and get your life back on track. For those with extreme situations, CMI has an equity mortgage lending program where you can qualify without any concern for income or credit (up to 80% of your home’s property value).

What kinds of documents do you need?

In most cases, all that we will require will be a Job Letter and 2 recent pay stubs in order to qualify for the majority of our mortgage loans.

If you are self employed, or applying for a specialty mortgage loan, additional documentation may apply. Please be sure to check with your CMI representative in order to ensure that you are clear on your loan’s requirements.