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Second Mortgages Canada

Arranging for a home equity second mortgage can be an excellent way to repair damaged credit and reduce expensive credit card payments, or to borrow funds at a time where first mortgage interest rates are higher than normal.

Second mortgages are, by nature, higher risk than first mortgages. As such, they are tougher to qualify for and usually carry higher interest rates. For those who are self-employed or have poor credit, a second mortgage may be all but impossible to qualify for unless you have equity in your home.

Over the years, CMI has helped hundreds of commission based salespeople, entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors, and many other salaried borrowers obtain the financing that they require. CMI offers home equity based second mortgages for borrowers that can substantiate their income as well as those that cannot.

Regardless of your existing credit levels and your ability to prove your income, CMI has lenders who are willing to finance all types of home equity second mortgages!

  • 2nd mortgages up to 95% financing with documented income
  • 2nd mortgages up to 85% with no proof of income required
  • 2nd mortgage credit lines up to 80% with good credit
  • Equity Based / Private second mortgages are available up to 90%

Whether you are looking for money for renovations, debt consolidations, personal loans, credit repair, continuing education, or a happy occaision such as a family wedding or vacation, CMI can help.

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