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Lower your monthly payments and repay your unsecured debt. We will help you to stabilize your finances and repair your credit. CMI is here to help!

At CMI, we believe that your value isn’t determined by your credit score. We specialize in helping homeowners who find themselves cash poor, but who have equity built up in their homes. Here are just some of the advantages of a loan secured on property you own:

  • Lower interest rates than a credit card
  • Fast funds to consolidate your payments
  • Easier terms than a personal loan
  • Approval regardless of credit

Getting out of debt can be a challenge for many borrowers, which is why we at CMI work to make the process as simple as possible for people just like you. We’ll bring you the most favourable loan offers from more than 250 lenders across Canada, and explain the fine print in clear terms, so you can make the decision that fits your needs.

Tap into the benefits of consolidated debt, with CMI

Consolidating debt with ahome equity line of credit or asecond mortgage doesn’t have to be complicated. Once we’ve handled the details for you, your debts will be reduced to a single, easy monthly payment. Here are just some of the reasons this strategy works:

  • Lower monthly payments will improve your cash flow, so you can stop playing catch up and start getting ahead.
  • We’ll help you repair your credit, if needed, getting you back in to a bank loan in the near future and away from expensive interest rates in the long run.
  • Instead of juggling multiple bills, you’ll make just one payment each month – freeing up time and reducing stress.
  • Settle any debts that are already in arrears for pennies on the dollar, improving your balance sheet!
  • You’ll get ahead of your debt, so collection agencies and your creditors will stop calling.

CMI: the debt consolidation experts

The circumstances that put a borrower in debt often aren’t under that person’s control. We at CMI understand that. We specialize in helping borrowers who’ve suffered from

  • The loss of a job
  • A family crisis
  • An illness
  • A wide range of other emergencies

We believe circumstances like those shouldn’t impact a lender’s willingness to work with you.

From the first phone call to the final signature, we’ll be at your side. We’re not a bank, and we don’t work for a bank, which means we’ll never try to pressure you to accept a loan you don’t want. Instead, we’ll make sure lenders compete for your business, so you can pay off your debts and improve your credit score.

We’ll work with you to develop a consolidation plan that leverages your home’s equity to get you the funds you need, at a rate that’s fair. All our brokers are licensed, certified, and comprehensively trained, and they won’t stop until you’ve gotten the loan you’re looking for. Contact us today, and we’re sure you’ll see the CMI difference.