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High Ratio Mortgages

If you are not willing to break your 1st mortgage because the interest rate on your loan is significantly lower than current interest rates, the termination penalities are too high, or you would not re-qualify for the same loan today, a high ratio 2nd mortgage is a great way to acquire the additional finances you need.

Lower your monthly interest payments by consolidating your unsecured debts into one monthly payment, and to only one lender!


Fix your credit situation now by paying off this second mortgage, and use the cashflow savings to pay down the principle of your first mortgage faster!

Programs Offered:

  • High Ratio, equity based 2nd mortgages up to 80%
  • Insured second mortgages available up to 80% at great rates!
  • High-ratio second mortgages available up to 80% with limited fees!
  • Open 2nd mortgages and Lines of Credit available up to 80%
  • Amortizations available up to 30 years, or interest only
  • Loan terms from 1 – 5 years

Secured lines of credit and 2nd mortgages are available for self employed without any proof of income.

In order to make your 2nd mortgage as effortless as possible, we offer a complete turnkey service at your convenience:

  • Requirements & Goal Assessment
  • Analysis and Recommendations
  • Mortgage Origination & Closing
  • Expert advice on how to repair your credit

Our long standing relationship with Canada’s premier lending institutions ensures that you receive the financing you need. CMI specializes in 2nd mortgage loans that other brokers are unaware of. Our clients are always impressed with the level of service, speed, and our ability to provide our services right from the comfort of your own home! Contact CMI today for your free consultation and within 24 hours our expertise will be working hard for you.

Contact us today and ask one of our 2nd mortgage representatives about our high ratio mortgages.