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Private lender financing up to 85%

At CMI, we believe everyone deserves a chance at a better financial future, regardless of qualifications. That’s why we specialize in securing mortgages and other loans for homeowners who’ve been turned down by conservative banks and trust companies. Get in touch, and our elite team of mortgage experts will make sure you get the funds you need.

Homeowners with equity or buyers
with a large down payment

Traditional mortgages aren’t for everybody. That’s where private mortgages come in. Like traditional mortgages, private
mortgages let you borrow on the equity you’ve built up in your home, or purchase a home (if you have a large down payment). But unlike a traditional mortgage, a private mortgage is handled by a lender which is willing to work with borrowers who’ve had trouble securing a traditional loan for the following reasons:

  • Bad credit

    Private lenders are usually a lot more flexible than traditional ones. If your credit could use some improvement, leave it to us. We can help you utilize the equity in your home to pay off your debts and get your credit back on track.

  • Self-employed

    Private lenders can be a great option for those who are self-employed. Entrepreneurs who make money but have trouble getting a traditional mortgage as they may not declare all of their income personally or to the government.

  • Bridge financing

    If you’re buying a new home before selling your old one, or if you need money for a short period of time to cover you while you’re waiting for a future lump sum payout, a bridge loan might be the right choice.

  • Debt consolidation

    Traditional lenders get nervous when they see that you’re trying to pay off existing debt, but private lenders are happy to help. At CMI, we can help you utilize the equity you have built up in your home over the years to repay your unsecured creditors and drastically reduce your monthly payments.

  • Second mortgages

    A second mortgage can be a great tool for consolidating debt, funding home renovations, providing working capital, or a bridge loan. A major advantage of a second mortgage would be to avoid large breakage penalties on your first mortgage, or for those with a low-rate first mortgage but who wouldn’t qualify for such a low rate with a new first mortgage today.

A nationwide network of private lenders.
All in one place.

Canada is filled with hundreds of private lenders. Many of them offer the terms you’re looking for, but finding and negotiating with all of them takes time. That’s why we at CMI are dedicated to giving you just the bottom line of each offer.

First, we’ll sit down with you to iron out the details of your financial situation, and your mortgage needs. Once we know exactly what kind of private mortgage you’re looking for, we’ll get in touch with our network of hundreds of private lenders across Canada. We’ll make them compete for your business, not the other way around.

We’ll walk through the paperwork with you, answering your questions and addressing any concerns as we go. After we have helped you improve your situation, we are here and ready to help you with financing into a low-rate AAA lender once your private mortgage matures.